IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is one of the successful treatments of male infertility and has gained enough popularity from last few decades. It is basically a process wherein the partner’s sperm is directly injected into the uterus with the help of a fine tube. It is considered as one of the simple and safe options to increase the chances of fertility. The need of this IUI treatment arises if a male has a low sperm count or both the partners are unable to do a successful intercourse. In some cases where even the experts are not able to find out the actual reason of infertility, they suggest this IUI treatment.

There is a wide range of reputed IUI clinic in Bangalore that has a high success rate and competent team of fertility experts. Several tests have been made by the medical specialists before this IUI treatment to check whether the sperm of the male partner is healthy or not. The movement and quality of the sperm are also taken into account. Likewise, the female partner also has to undergo tests that demand her to have a normal menstrual cycle, appropriate uterine cavity, open fallopian tubes and perfect estrogen levels.

The male partner needs to have a healthy sperm in terms of shape and movement, then only he could be able to lead a successful IUI. On the other side, the female has to have an age less than 40 years with good quality of eggs and fallopian tubes in perfect condition. Moving ahead towards the treatment process, it would hardly take half an hour and is a painless procedure. As there is a high risk of infection during the whole IUI cycle, extra caution needs to be taken. Now, coming to the most critical point of IUI treatment, when the process of ovulation starts, the
woman has to run to the clinic within 30 minutes and her partner should be able to produce sperm at that time. So, if you have opted for some efficient IUI clinic in Bangalore, that is supposed to be nearby your home.


We all aspire to go back to our childhood time as those were the golden days of our life but when it comes to the medical facilities and treatment, we feel fortunate to live in the 21 st century. Who could have thought that the medical science will provide the treatment for infertility also? Definitely, no one. Coming to the achievements of science and technology that has devised the methodologies to treat
infertility in males and females, there is a wide range of techniques available. Let’s discover some of the
ways for infertility treatment in Bangalore:

Medicines and Drugs

Usually, the female infertility is caused due to ovulation disorders and doctors suggest medication as the first line of treatment for this. About 80% women have been helped by the fertility drugs like Clomid,Femara, Arimidex etc. Always consult the fertility specialist before taking any pill or drug.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is one of the most advanced and successful infertility treatments in Bangalore and across the world.In this process, the eggs are taken out from the ovaries and fertilized with the sperm (partner or donor) in the laboratory. There are various reputed clinics that employ a team of IVF specialists for the successful results.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is a kind of artificial insemination to treat male infertility problems like low sperm count, less agility in sperm movement etc. In this process, the sperm of the partner or donor is directly placed into the
uterus. IUI treatment needs appropriate care and ha got high success rate. Sperm donation and egg donation
There are various recognized fertility clinics across the world that assure a safe and proper sperm and egg donation procedure. Be it security, a medical safety of the donor, documentation or tests, the highly
competent centers handle everything with utmost carefulness. For the treatment of male and female infertility intricacies, you may visit such centers and get the donor.
As we have discussed ample of methodologies and techniques for infertility treatment, you may refer to
the best fertility center and consult the specialists.


Today, every second couple is dealing with the complications of infertility, unlike previous days when the people have contributed much to the growth of Indian population. Well, jokes apart, it is actually a serious issue that is snatching the happiness of parenthood from the society. The medical science is well advanced these days and has devised various techniques to fight with infertility. However, if there is a ray of hope, the chances of failure also exist. Still, there is a wide range of infertility treatment in Bangalore that is proven successful in recent past years and couples are opting for the same. Before jumping into the lists of treatments available, let’s find discover the reasons of infertility in males and females:

Work pressure and stress

Today, the corporate work culture has ruined the peace of mind and this is the main reason of stress for the working partners. Late working hours, sleepless nights, stressful days, the hectic and busy work schedule of the couples do not allow them to talk even, forget about the intercourse.

Inadequate diet

Due to the lack of essential nutrients in dietary routine, females may lead to infertility complications in long run. For instance, the foods like cabbage, garlic, banana, tuna etc are rich in Vitamin B6 and responsible for balancing the estrogen levels in women.

Age factor

The professional life of most of the couples inhibits them to plan for a child in early years of marriage and when they actually get ready for the same, the age factor comes in between. The medical science has discovered various ways for infertility treatment in Bangalore. For male infertility, we have Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) where the sperm is directly inserted into the uterus and the fertilization takes place naturally. This is a quite popular and successful procedure in Bangalore and across the globe. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) also comes in the list of successful infertility treatments but is a way expensive than IUI. For female infertility, there are various options for the treatment like egg donation, surrogacy, IVF etc.

If you are facing some infertility issues in your life, don’t let them spoil your happiness. Visit the fertility
clinics for the best treatments.

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