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Wellspring believes in offering the best facilities in order to provide you with a memorable experience of motherhood.

In line with the constant enhancement of services offered, Wellspring has tied up with a Stem cell banking organization.

What is Stem-Cell Banking?

A stem cell bank is a service that allows you to store your stem cells that is derived from amniotic fluid for future use. Stem cells samples that are stored either for private or family purposes in stem cell banks are specifically kept for personal use and the banking charges are paid by the person who wants to store their stem cells.

Just like any other bank the samples can be retrieved at any time only by the individual who first stored it and the stem cells may be used for themselves or their family relatives such as first-degree blood relatives.

About Stem-Cells

Amniotic stem cells are taken from amniotic fluid which is extracted during a process called genetic amniocentesis. Genetic amniocentesis is a parental diagnosis procedure which is normally performed during the second trimester of pregnancy. A small amount of amniotic fluid is taken from the genetic analysis and is saved in a container for processing and is sent to the storage facility. The collection of the sample does not affect the standard amniocentesis procedure and therefore no additional charges or risk is added in the process of storing stem cells for future use.

Bangalore & Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell banking in Bangalore is a large industry and the number of people who have started utilizing the service has increased tremendously over the years. Bangalore has outnumbered most of the other major metros in stem-cell banking.

It is important to understand that this is a service of the future and parents should seriously start considering stem cell banking for the health of their children for the future.

Wellspring Medicare having this service is a big opportunity for our clients to start thinking and joining the industry of stem cell banking. Stem cells are known to be regenerative cells that are able to be transplanted in order to replace damaged cells in one’s body and have also be known to have the potential to treat over 80 critical diseases.

Bangalore being the silicon valley of India and the Information Technology hub for the world, people in Bangalore have been known to be more close to technology and that is why stem cell banking has proven to be so effective and efficient in Bangalore.

Stem cell banking in Bangalore is also known to be one of the best in the world in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness as compared to most other metropolises around the globe.

There are many benefits of stem cell banking such as having a perfect lifetime supply of self-matching and most probably sibling match of stem cells which are necessary for transplants. Matching stem cells are often hard to find and therefore what better place to store your stem cells than in a Medicare bank where you may have experienced the birth of your child?

The high tech industry, well performing stem cells bank and well trained professionals are what make stem cell banking so efficient here in Bangalore and we at Wellspring Medicare have brought high quality stem cell banking service to our clients for the benefit of not only the parents but also their children in the future.

For more details speak to the Chief Guest Relations officer who will refer you to the Stem Cell Banking Services Executive for the necessary information and counseling.

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